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The Services You Want
  • Scores, schedules, standings, statistics, and rosters - constantly updated for NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NCAA, and more
  • Action photos and player headshot libraries
  • Compelling and easy-to-learn Fantasy Sports games
  • Detailed and timely player profiles, injuries, trades, analyses, weather, odds, news and feature stories
The Technology You Need
  • Feeds built on SportsML, the open industry standard
  • API's, low-latency push feeds, JSON and other XML alternatives
  • Database-loading tools that shrink dev-time
  • Hosted content and games blend into your website
  • Convenient photo selection and sharing tools
The Price You Can Afford
  • Solutions for publications and applications of every size and budget.
  • Clear and common-sense pricing based on consistent factors:
    • Which content sets and games are licensed
    • How the services are delivered

Wherever You Publish, We've Got You Covered.

Blogger or Fansite

Sports On Demand API (SODA) is perfect for those who don't need a tremendous amount of data. Choose exactly which sports, leagues, teams, events and types of documents you want for prices you can afford.

Prices range from $0.25 to $2.50 per document with bulk discounts available.

Fantasy League Provider

We can design a package that fits your needs. One league or many. Mid-game stats updates or post-game. Supplementary research material, such as injuries, transactions, and player news, or Just The Stats.

Take a look at the pricing of our most popular packages. Or peruse our Content Showcase.

Portal or Online Newspaper

We offer hosted solutions for content and games, and also a full-service sports data feed. For delivered feeds, our FeedFetcher software provides unrivaled reliability and flexibility in managing and displaying your feed.

Take a look at the pricing of our most popular packages and services. Or peruse our Content Showcase.

Wireless or Alerting Platform

Our FeedFetcher software loads all scores, stats, and news updates right into your SQL database.

This engine, plus the fine-grained metadata in our feed, allow you to trigger all sorts of event-based and scheduled alerts, and let you create pages suitable for the smallest of display screens.

Pro Sports Team

Hosting an event for staffers, advertisers, and corporate partners? Liven things up with a Live Fantasy Draft, and keep your partners interacting all season long. Learn more about our Fantasy Sports Corporate Events.

Looking for archival stats and a data-mining platform to match? Read about our content and technology options.

Print Publication

Shackled down by a decades-old legacy system of cleanup macros that no one wants to support? Introduce crisp, elegant, and innovative designs to your readership without the cost of any in-house system re-engineering.

Visit Agate Depot for XML Team's groundbreaking new pagination-ready service.


Four words can't sum up the innovations that you and your colleagues have planned? Great! Our platform shines in the hands of a creative product development team.

Read about our content and technology options, and then contact us for a focused discussion on how we can save you time and money.

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