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Leading sports data distributor XML Team Solutions acquires fantasy sports content and games provider

LAS VEGAS, Nev., Jan. 26, 2010 -- At the Fantasy Sports Trade Association's Business Conference this week, XML Team is introducing an expanded lineup to meet the exploding demand for online fantasy sports content and applications. The sports feed leader has acquired Fantasy Sports Services, provider of the industry's most detailed and up-to-date statistical and qualitative player assessments, from its parent company, Toronto Star Newpapers.

"We are thrilled about having Fantasy Sports Services join the team," said Alan Karben, President of XML Team Solutions. "As our business expands with the growing demand for high-quality, detailed sports information, combining with FSS is a natural fit for us. This addition gives us even more quality sports content to offer our expanding client base, and helps us meet the needs of both our existing and potential clients in various media arenas."

The heart of FSS's products has been its expansive player profile collection, which tally in excruciating detail the strengths, weakness, accomplishments, and setback of athletes from North American professional leagues. "With the booming popularity of fantasy sports, your typical sports fan needs to keep up with far more than just their local all-stars," Karben said. "The insights that stream out of FSS's editorial department have driven a great deal of traffic to clients such as the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), Rogers Sportsnet, the Yankees Radio Network, the Kansas City Chiefs Radio Network, Tampa Bay Online, and the Topps Company."

FSS's veteran editorial team will also serve as an in-house resource for XML Team's industry-standard sports publishing software. XML Team's data feeds adhere to the open SportsML format, the global standard for sports data coding. XML Team is also in the final stages of launching Sportso, a multi-user local sports data-entry platform that's capable of turning any team of scorekeepers or news generators into a professional-grade syndication network.

FSS also hosts private-labelled online games for a wide range of enterprise clients, including The Hockey News,, the Pittsburgh Steelers, and sports radio personality Steve Czaban's When coupled with XML Team's rich play-by-play data feeds, FSS's exclusive research content and customizable games present an even more compelling value package for the combined company's client base.

Based in Canada, FSS naturally has particular expertise in covering ice hockey, and the FSS-XML Team combination builds on strengths in that particular sport. FSS's fantasy hockey draft magazine, The Sports Forecaster, has been Canada's most popular NHL print draft analysis tool for 14 years, most recently marketed in conjunction with Canada's The Score television network. XML Team is the exclusive distributor of the National Hockey League's play-by-play feed and the FSS addition folds in the industry's best player bios and its best NHL preview magazine for drafts and fantasy sports. "XML Team is in the process of adding more hard-to-find content to its NHL offerings with feeds from Canadian junior hockey and other minor leagues," added Karben.

"This is great opportunity for FSS" states Digger Turnbull, President of Fantasy Sports Services. "XML Team knows and understands sports information, and their technical innovations aggregate and distribute sports data in ways that make the content far easier and more accessible for companies to work with. Their software wizardry can bring FSS content and applications to new heights, and opens up the playing field for more clients to access our exclusive analysis of the game in a way that's easy to integrate within their current sports pages."

About XML Team

XML Team Solutions provides content feeds for all major North American sports leagues and events to a variety of sports portals, media properties, and fantasy game providers. Its industry-leading FeedFetcher software allows clients to be up and running with live sports updates without devoting months of custom development time processing a data feed.

With XML Team's Sportso data-entry platform (, the company is breaking new ground in game tracking and news production. Most recently, Sportso has been selected as the platform to be used by over 70 newspapers for the new National Sports Content Sharing Network (

About Fantasy Sports Services

Founded in the late 1980's, Fantasy Sports Services quickly became a leader in interactive fantasy games. The company expanded in 2000 and has since published the industry-leading Sports Forecaster hockey yearbook, as well as provide syndicated and hosted content. Their platform is easily configurable by clients, and includes in-depth and detailed player bios and stats packages for all four North American major league sports (NFL, NHL, MLB, and NBA) and the PGA Tour.

FSS's product line also includes widely-subscribed interactive games and contests. One of its unique products, the Corporate Fantasy Draft, helps teams from professional leagues such as the NFL and MLB engage their corporate partners: "FSS created a unique event for our clients that was extremely fun", said Mike Mahoney of the Carolina Panthers. "Client feedback was terrific. They (FSS) are experts in fantasy sports content, are always looking to improve, and know how to activate fantasy games for real life use."