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The Sports Forecaster editorial team publishes content across multiple platforms:
Draft Magazines
TSF's print NHL draft magazine, and PDF downloadables for other leagues, offer rich player analysis that's crucial to any sports fan looking ahead to the upcoming season, especially if they're participating in a fantasy draft.
Player Profiles
Comprehensive and in-depth player analysis from the TSF team is available as a syndicated XML feed.
Player Portraits
The TSF team maintains updated libraries of headshot photos and action shots for all players in top leagues.

In 1995, the first edition of The Sports Forecaster NHL season preview magazine was published. Since that time, our Montreal-based editorial team behind The Sports Forecaster has earned a reputation for precise record-keeping and insightful predictions.

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Covering the four major North American pro leagues, plus the PGA, The Sports Forecaster's archive excels in these areas:

Content from The Sports Forecaster team can be found in print, online, on Facebook, and on Twitter. It's also available for license, in the form of syndicated XML feeds and turnkey hosted pages.

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