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Updated headshot photos and action shots of all players in top leagues.
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Sports Forecaster content populates turnkey, hosted portals with updated league coverage, all brandable in your look and feel. View samples:
Draft Magazines
TSF's print NHL draft magazine, and PDF downloadables for other leagues, offer rich player analysis that's crucial to any sports fan looking ahead to the upcoming season, especially if they're participating in a fantasy draft.

TSF Player Profiles XML Team's delivery of The Sports Forecaster's Player Profile feed includes detailed bio information for thousands of active players, and can be seamlessly integrated into your scoring and statistical database, or blended into your website via XML Team's Hosted Pages. The Player Profile Package is updated each night after every game, and is available for MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, and PGA. Components available include:

Besides tracking each player's performance and direction, TSF also devotes considerable attention to the milestone events for player transactions. These events regularly define the pivot points of success for players and teams, and TSF's to-the-minute coverage and deep analysis before, during, and after have proven to be well-appreciated (and highly trafficked) by today's rabid fans.

Here are some representative document types from TSF's NHL player bio feed:

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The TSF starter package contains league-wide information, including:

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Packages are available for companies of any size, with discounts for multi-league subscribers.